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     Ryan Esau - Owner/Operator

Ryan Esau grew up in Abbotsford BC and has spent his career years focusing on the trades. He has his degree in mechanical drafting and spent the 2 years following graduation drafting skateboard parks. After drafting, Ryan spent the next 7 years in Carpentry, 5 of which were running his own successful Finish carpentry company in Alberta. Ryan was then asked to join the management team of a large insulation company in Southern Alberta as a project manager. The mountains and beauty of BC soon called Ryan back home where he and Colin began Element Spray Foam Inc. Ryan is happily married and has three very active boys.

Ryan's contact info: 
(604) 309 1412
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    Colin Willems - Owner/Operator

Colin Willems grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario. After meeting his future wife to be he decided to continue his studies at UBC where he received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. In 2004 he decided to enter into carpentry where he has gained much experience and knowledge of residential and commercial buildings. This gives him an added edge when working with clients and general contractors on the proper application of spray foam. Colin is married and has a beautiful 3 year old daughter and baby boy.

Colin's contact info:
(778) 808 8725
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The FOAM Advantage

INVEST in your building with SPF Insulation

  • Expands during application to create a seamless, monolithic barrier against water vapour and air
  • Serves as both insulation and air sealant in one step
  • Provides structural reinforcement for improved racking strength
  • Incorporates zero ozone-depleting blowing agent
  • Saves you money on monthly Energy bills

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Element Spray Foam Insulation is based in Abbotsford B.C. and is proud to be a 100% Canadian owned and operated company.


Element Spray Foam Inc.


3973 Sandy Hill Rd,
Abbotsford B.C. V3G 1H9

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