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For a durable floor with a high level of customization, consider using our FastFloor roll-on coating from Rhino Linings Corporation. Similar to a spray-on coating, this product creates a 100% seamless finish with extreme durability. First, we start by applying a layer of the coating to your floor. Next, you can choose to add textured flakes for added traction. These come in multiple sizes and colours, allowing for maximum customization. Finally, a clear top coat is applied for added protection. Once cured, your floor will both look good and hold up to the toughest conditions!




FastFloor is typically used for floors and walls that require a seamless and durable finish. Since it is applied as a liquid, it can conform to any shape and size. Here are only a few of the many areas it can be used:


  • Shop floors
  • Front lobbies
  • Garages
  • Pool Decks
  • Food processing facilities
  • High traffic areas




These floor coatings are designed with durability in mind. They are resistant to abrasion, impact, and UV light. They can also handle a variety of chemical spills, including gasoline, brake fluid, and antifreeze. This makes them a great option for shop floors, pool decks, and high traffic areas. FastFloor is also resistant to momentary contact with objects up to 300°F (149°C), and meets USDA/CFSAN physical facilities criteria, as well as CFR regulations for incidental food contact.





With roll on coatings, you have the ability to fully customize your finished surface. We offer a variety of base colours with the option of custom tinting. On top of this, there are dozens of styles of textured flakes for you to choose from. Click here to see all of our colour and texture options.

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The FOAM Advantage

INVEST in your building with SPF Insulation

  • Expands during application to create a seamless, monolithic barrier against water vapour and air
  • Serves as both insulation and air sealant in one step
  • Provides structural reinforcement for improved racking strength
  • Incorporates zero ozone-depleting blowing agent
  • Saves you money on monthly Energy bills

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Element Spray Foam Insulation is based in Abbotsford B.C. and is proud to be a 100% Canadian owned and operated company.


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