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DATE: Oct 2012
LOCATION: Abbotsford & North Vancouver

PROJECT SIZE: 800-2000 brd ft
PROJECT TYPE: 2" on concrete ceilings & walls


THE JOB: More and more homes are being built with suspended concrete slabs over the bottom floor.  The spaces created by this type of construction are ideal for climate-controlled rooms such as a wine cellar, games room or cigar smoking room.  

OUR ROLE: In the first job, the wine cellar, we sprayed 2" of foam on the walls and 3" on the ceiling.  We filled up the wall cavity on one side completely, meaning we had to carve the excess with our Milwaukee carving sawzall.  In the poker room, we sprayed 2" on the ceiling and two feet down the top of the walls to take the insulation to below exterior grade.  Both jobs turned out great - but when we spray in those small areas it gets really hot in those suits!  Colin's t-shirt didn't last the whole day in the wine cellar...

SPRAYING ON CONCRETE: Spraying foam against concrete requires special attention to the condition of the concrete.  New or 'green' concrete releases moisture while it is curing, making it more difficult to create a good bond between the foam and the concrete.  Because spray foam is a two-part mixture that remains in its separate parts until it leaves the spray gun, a chemical reaction takes place as the two meet.  This reaction is highly exothermic (gives off heat), pulling out moisture from the substrate it is being sprayed on.  If the substrate (in this case, concrete) is too moist, the reaction will pull moisture out and the foam will not bond to the surface.  Dust and cold temperatures can also hinder adherence.  Sometimes a primer is required to be applied to the concrete first to ensure that the foam adheres to it.  In these cases, the concrete was clean, dry and warm, and therefore did not require it.

   THE WINE CELLAR, North Vancouver, BC

  THE POKER ROOM, Abbotsford, BC

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