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DATE: Dec 2012
LOCATION: Abbotsford, BC

PROJECT SIZE: 1600 brd ft Foam; 1000 sq ft Firestopping
PROJECT TYPE: R15 Spray Foam; Firestopping 

THE JOB: Our client was doing a commercial t.i. (tenant improvement) in west Abbotsford.  He was joining two units together and framing in rooms for offices on two floors, and needed Element's expertise in insulation and firestopping.

OUR ROLE: The contractor asked us to supply both the closed cell spray foam and the firestopping for this project.  First we came in and did the firestopping before the drywall was on.  This involves sealing up all the plumbing, electrical and mechanical penetrations in the fire-rated walls.  Then, we sprayed 2.5" of 2lb closed cell spray foam on the exterior concrete walls.  We came back after drywall to finish up the firestopping, and we are proud to say we passed all city and architect inspections with flying colors!

FIRESTOPPING:  BC Building Code requires all fire-rated assemblies (walls, floors, etc) to have their penetrations fire-rated as well.  We use products such as mineral wool, fire-rated caulking, putty pads, intumescent (expands when heated) collars and more for this task.  Our contractor wanted top quality firestopping in his walls, so he asked us to use intumescent putty pads on the back of all the electrical boxes.  Doing this goes above and beyond what the Code requires, but in doing so our client knows that all his boxes are as secure from transmitting fire, smoke and sound as is possible.  A picture of the putty pads as well as the intumescent collar on a 4" ABS drain pipe are shown below.




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