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DATE: Jan 2013
LOCATION: Sechelt, BC and Abbotsford, BC
PROJECT NAME: Compost Facilities
PROJECT TYPE: Concrete Block Joint Filling



Many municipalities in British Columbia launched a new residential composting program for 2013.  These municipalities  have started collecting organic compost every week, not just garbage, in an effort to reduce our overall carbon footprint.  The composting facilities use air forced from beneath to speed up the decomposition process, while using the heat given off by the process to heat greenhouses.  


Construction of these facilities involve setting a massive steel truss dome roof on top of concrete blocks. These blocks are 5' wide and 2 1/2' tall blocks form the foundation for the trusses, and are stacked in a staggered formation three blocks high.  These blocks inevitably leave gaps between them, and it was our job to fill these gaps with spray foam.  The purpose of this is to lessen air flow from the facility, as well as rodent control.




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